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It all starts when you learn that a loved one, friend, co-worker, boss, etc. announces that they are expecting or just had a baby!!   You, or maybe a few of “you”, want to do send a little love!!  

You can be The Baby Fairy, that special person or persons that sends secret gifts for the new baby and mom-to-be, while remaining anonymous if you wish to be anonymous!!   

BEGIN by selecting the Mother's Due Date . 

Then, begin shopping by browsing through our Shoppe’s Collections

Select and add items to your cart.  Or, choose one of our Bundles, where we have handpicked the items for you. It's 1 click shopping, plus you can add more items if you wish.

Make sure you write your REVEAL note if you wish to reveal for us to put in your last package (shipped usually about 2 weeks before the baby is born)

Place your order and we take of the rest.

We gather your items, wrap each one with our special gift wrapping and custom packaging.  We also include a special card stating "Here's a gift, hand picked from The Baby Fairy Shoppe by your very own Baby Fairy! (a special person in your life) who is celebrating the upcoming birth of your baby. 

You will get an email confirming each shipment as it has been sent and delivered. 

The last package will have your REVEAL note card letting them know who their  Baby Fairy was!!

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