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How many items should I buy?     

  • You can purchase as many as you wish 
  • We can ship one a month up to one per week.

How do you know where to ship? I don't want them sent to me.

  • When your cart is full, during check out, you will be providing the name and shipping location separate from the billing information.

 How many shipments will there be?

  • Depends on the number of weeks until the expected due date.
  • The items will be spaced out fairly evenly, one per month or so.
  • We will also group items together in one shipment to keep them at least 2-4 weeks apart.

When will the first shipment go out?

  • Within the first week upon receipt of your order 

What items go with each shipment?

  • We randomly select each item that will be sent with each shipment!! 

How will I know my items shipped?

  • You will get an email for each shipment, indicating each item shipped with tracking #
  • Your progress updates can come as emails or SMS Text messages.

Can I add to my order ?

  • Absolutely. The best way is simply come back and create another new order with the additional items. These items will be combined with the original order to maintain the spacing on shipping. 

When I find out the gender, can I change the rest of my order? 

  • Most items are unisex but you can definitely add items by placing a new order, see Can I add to my order ?

What can i do if I find out mom is having twins?

  • Come back and double your order!

How can I change my order? 

  • Comeback using the link with your order number to change any un-shipped items.

How does this remain a secret/surprise? 

  • Everything is sent from The Baby Fairy Shoppe
  • Your information does not appear on any shipping, packaging info sent
  • Sometime, around the last shipment, we will mail you a  special reveal card that you can mail or deliver to the new mom announcing you as The Baby Fairy.

How are my items wrapped?

  • We use our Logo color matching wrapping paper with our  Baby Fairy Logo sticker in padded envelope or carton, as appropriate for the items sent.

How does my mom-to-be post to the Testimonial pages?

  • We're working on that one

What shipping carriers do you use? 

  • We use USPS, and UPS for best rates and availability.

Do you ship overseas?

  • Not at this time. Many of our product suppliers do not permit shipping outside USA.

How do I get a ride on the “TheBabyFairyShoppe Jet”?

  • Buy more gifts than you can shake a stick at
  • As soon as we get it!

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