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The Story

Baby Fairy - How it became!   A while ago, when we found out our friends were pregnant, we thought we had to do something very special.  We decided we would send packages through the mail from "The Baby Fairy."    We made a special card and at the bottom of the card typed from "The Baby Fairy."   We purchased a few items, put them in a special envelope and dropped them in the mail.   We did that once or twice a month for 6 months.  It was so exciting to go to her shower to see if she would say anything, and she asked “Is anyone in this room "The Baby Fairy” not a word or facial expression given.   When their baby was born a few months later, we waited a few weeks and then we sent them the first card we made revealing ourselves.   She was so excited and couldn’t believe all the wonderful gifts she received and most of all, she enjoyed coming home to another package from "The Baby Fairy."


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